Internet + enhanced parts enterprises

Summary:Experts generally agreed that the mobile Internet era will bring disruptive revolution in automotive industry and even reconstruction of auto industry

Experts generally agreed that the mobile Internet era will bring disruptive revolution in automotive industry and even reconstruction of auto industry, but not subversive, replacing the traditional parts companies, but the strength of will in many ways strengthened the traditional parts companies, parts company with positive open mind meet the Internet era has changed.
Topic: the arrival of the mobile Internet era, traditional industry will bring opportunities and challenges?
Fuyuwu: from the perspective of technology development in the future, no doubt, electrically driven, intelligent, interconnection will be the technical development trend of automotive industry. With the development of the new technological revolution, new parts company will increase, the auto industry chain will stretch, will enrich the innovation chain, industry integration requirements more strongly than ever before.
Cross-border development will be an important characteristic of automobile industry development at this stage. Barriers, boundaries between industries will become more and more blurred. Automotive manufacturing techniques, materials, applications, large changes in production.
Mobile changes will be reflected in all aspects of the industry chain. For example, with the application of procurement, production and management of intelligent management, the individual needs of users of the products will be more easily met. This, of course, also parts how to faster and better meet the needs of vehicle development challenge.
Mobile Internet is for many companies in the niche leaps beyond the possible. Development trends of modern cars module for automobile parts enterprises of resources, ability to integrate technology, responsiveness, more demanding. If the ability to use mobile Internet data, integrate various data collected, domestic parts and components easier to leap beyond.
He Zhaodan: influence of the mobile Internet era, reflected not only in the creation, storage, and dissemination of information of diverse and fast is more important, directly or indirectly, to influence people's ideas and thoughts and behavior. For enterprises, the mobile Internet era will directly influence the company's strategy and operations, as well as culture. Especially for traditional auto parts enterprises, impact is more comprehensive and in-depth, including many positive faces enormous challenges.
For example, we all know that a business is to maintain its core competencies in the competition, but the reality is that in the process of industrial development of the revolution, many of the core competitiveness of enterprises may itself become the industry's resistance, or the subversion of technological change in the object. Companies want to Evergreen, but today many of the traditional industrial structure may face reconstruction challenges, new competitors are not offering similar products or alternatives, but have the same resources (such as human resources) Cross (he only needed to snatch your resources and non-market). Overall, in the age of the mobile Internet, traditional parts enterprises from the strategic positioning, strategic priorities, and supported the overall strategies of each strategy and operations will need to be adjusted to accommodate the new development.
Topic II: Mobile Internet will bring specific changes to traditional parts companies?
He Zhaodan: for business, a very important impact in the Internet era, is the product update short iteration cycles. With mobile Internet platform, companies can understand customers ' needs and preferences, and feedback directly, take 12 months or 18 months to complete, updated iteration of the product, can now update completed in 1-3 months, enterprises can quickly seize the market. For those businesses that need directly to end consumers, the Internet can greatly lower marketing costs, reducing inventories and capital consumption, making the company achieve operational asset-light.
Mobile core business philosophy is still creating value for customers, but its business model is mostly free of charge or Exchange with the user's interest, especially the Google business model is even more so. Mobile Internet business models and create new needs. Hangsheng itself, for example, hangsheng dedicated hangsheng cloud Technologies Ltd, dedicated to Internet independently operating business, it is no longer as hang Sheng traditional terminals business connectivity hardware, unlike traditional Telematics services for the monthly subscription fee, and adopt a new business model and profit model, which also hang Sheng explored experiences of transformation and upgrading.