Face up to the new normal, parts enterprises more opportunities than challenges

Summary:2015 is the biggest challenge facing the automotive industry meet the new normal economic development, finding new paths to sustainable development in

2015 is the biggest challenge facing the automotive industry meet the new normal economic development, finding new paths to sustainable development in the new normal, but how to adapt, and how to achieve a breakthrough, has become a key issue of solutions in the industry, in this context the car reach parts enterprises have taken a variety of initiatives, sentiment in the new normal, seek the most favourable development of the road. But parts companies seem and enterprises are faced with the situation and has made a real difference, then known in the best of times, it was the worst of the historical background of the era, parts companies faced what opportunities and what kind of challenges does? This reporter has just held the 2015 development of China automobile industry (Teda) spoke to Honeywell International Forum auto parts services (Shanghai) limited, Vice President and General Manager, Jin Chen, China, sea.
Face up to the new normal, quality is more important than a number
When it comes to the new normal, gold said, the new normal is normal. 2010 China's automobile industry has experienced a rapid growth phase, but everything can not always be at the peak today, automobile industry from outbreak to a plateau, into the low growth and high growth middle, in such circumstances, the industry is more concerned about quality rather than number. To see the total number of cars in China last year has reached about 23 million, the total is far higher than the United States, the European Union and other regions, China is already the biggest auto market. Current car ownership in China every year by more than 15 million at a rate of increase, which was a very large number, especially when we see that China's per capita car ownership and the GDP per capita is in the process of further development, so from a global market, we are very confident about China's long-term development in the automobile market.
Of course, compared with the past, China now faces greater pressure to go green, need a better environment, and it is for this reason, we should put the pursuit of product quality, manufacturing more fuel-efficient engine for better environmental protection models, to further improve the level of air pollution to assume responsibility of the enterprise.
Any things all have two sides, while Honeywell liable, also jumped at the opportunity. Driven by environmental pressure, we predict that starting from this year, the entire passenger car gasoline engine pressure ratio is only 22% by 2020 will increase to 44%. Such change in the market demand for the Turbo further, this was a great surprise for Honeywell.
Parts under environmental pressures enterprises face more opportunities
When it comes to domestic fuel consumption goals set implementation issues in the future, gold said three major areas to consider, first, from conventional fuel technologies such as turbocharging technology to further optimize the entire transmission system, reducing the friction wheel to optimize fuel consumption. Second, now have new and hybrid energy technologies also include passenger car diesel, diesel engines and the use of technology, which can help significantly reduce fuel consumption. In Europe, each two passenger cars with a diesel engine. China is also far lower than this level, increase the usage of diesel engines to use to implement fuel consumption standard has a lot of advantages. Presented this year made in 2025 China began to encourage the diesel passenger cars. So
If we can further optimize the use of diesel and gas engines in passenger cars, and of fuel consumption targets is very promising.
In addition, the industry has widespread use of start-stop, turbocharging, direct injection technologies such as upgrading, promotion of hybrid technology can further reduce fuel consumption.