Sensors for car industry in China is a good development trend

Summary:Three dynamic growth of vehicle sensor market In recent years, China automotive electronics market has always maintained rapid growth. Sustained and r

Three dynamic growth of vehicle sensor market
In recent years, China automotive electronics market has always maintained rapid growth. Sustained and rapid development of automobile industry, auto upgrade pace, consumer demand has been tilted to the automotive electronics, automotive electronics market led growth "troika". Nowadays, the automotive electronics market in China has shown a good momentum of development. Increasingly high penetration of traditional automotive electronics products, new car electronics became commonplace, upgrade acceleration of automotive products, automotive electronics in the car's share of overall costs rise. According to statistics from the Authority shows that in 2011, the automotive sensors market scale of 10.53 billion yuan by 2014 nearly 13 billion yuan market scale and achieving steady growth. In particular, growth in China's passenger car production will promote the growth of automotive sensors market.
Occupied by foreign markets
Vehicle information such as vehicle running status, drive control, vehicle controls and operational environment, exception status was obtained by sensors. As an important information source of electronic control system for automobile, automotive sensors are widely used in automotive engine management, power-driven, and safe and comfortable in the system. The number of sensors and technology also determines the level of modern vehicle control system-level. It is the electronic control system of "probe", with the more car electronic the more comprehensive, higher degree of control.
It is understood that a domestic ordinary family car now on the installation of dozens of sensors, luxury cars on the number of sensors up to 200 or more, and their use with the development of automobile manufacturing on the rise.
However, due to low level of domestic automotive sensor industry, especially high level of multiple sensors sensors still rely on imports. Sensor market is Siemens, Bosch, Honeywell International parts giant occupies most of the land, while domestic automotive sensors attached to the slow development of automotive equipment/instrumentation industries.
China started late low level
Domestic auto sensor production began in the 80 's. Due to the late starting time, until now, series, matching the industrial system is far from perfect.
Currently, some manufacturers with foreign advanced companies adopt joint venture to introduce some advanced technology and growing, but the vast majority of enterprises are still in profit, the art of the single, low skilled, poor reliability status. Therefore, the domestic production of automotive sensors are only small quantities, low level models supporting demand, and many mass-produced cars, light trucks and some high level sensors are used in truck imports. It is reported that domestic imports of high performance automotive sensors up to 500,000 a year.
Automotive sensor products in China compared with foreign like products, levels of more than 10 years. Domestic production of crankshaft position, vehicle speed sensor has many uses electromagnetic or Hall sensor, there are low accuracy, decomposing ability, high signal accuracy, immunity problems such as weak, and similar foreign products already using photoelectric, avoids these drawbacks.
Furthermore, sensor miniaturization, multi-function, integrated and intelligent development trends on the adoption of new technology and to develop the new material put forward higher requirements. Magnetic sensing, gas sensing, sensitive, thermal, electro-optical and laser sensors have emerged, sensor materials from metal into semiconductors, ceramics, optical fibers and other materials. In these areas, the gap between domestic enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises is growing.