What is the reason why the brakes of the car often cannot be stopped? What are the brake maintenance?

Summary:Brake pad The brake pads are the most important part of the entire brake system and the most frequently maintained part of the replacement. Many car o

Brake pad
The brake pads are the most important part of the entire brake system and the most frequently maintained part of the replacement. Many car owners are concerned about how often the brake pads are changed. In fact, the replacement of the brake pads of the brake pads does not actually have an exact date. After all, the principle of the brakes is a simple "friction". If the drive is small, there is no need to replace them according to time. Of course, if you park or open very little for a long time, there may be a misalignment or looseness of the brake pads, and you will have to go to the repair shop to investigate and adjust. As for the service life, it can't be measured in kilometers. The frequency of braking is different for each person. Therefore, if you can't observe it yourself, you should pay more attention to the maintenance.

Of course, when using the car in winter, it is necessary to pay attention to the situation in which the brake pads are frozen in the snow. If there is a road, it is necessary to lightly press the brakes at low speed to achieve a good braking effect.
Brake disc
Compared with the brake pads, the brake discs must be solid. There is no need to worry about the condition of the brake discs. If there is a slight rust problem, it is also a normal phenomenon. Generally, the brakes will be worn off after the brakes are applied. And a large area of rust, you need to go to the professional repair shop to polish and eliminate. If you find traces of eccentric wear on the brake disc, or some gullies, the brake disc wears because of poor quality or thinning of the brake pads. At this time, the performance of the brakes will be affected. Generally speaking, if the brake discs have deep grooves or wear more, they need to be replaced in time.
Brake Fluid
Brake oil is generally replaced in two or 40,000 kilometers, but the logo on the manual is basically a reference. In fact, even if it is opened for 50,000 to 60,000 kilometers, the owners do not feel any obvious changes. The time rule is even less reliable, and it won’t be felt without changing for three years. In fact, the deterioration of brake fluid is a gradual process that does not suddenly change, so when you notice it, you may already be in danger. However, in general, when the brake oil is too dark, it should be changed.

In fact, tires are a place that many car owners can easily ignore. Even the best braking system, if the tire can not catch the ground is also no good, for the tire pattern, also check frequently, if the degree of wear exceeds the height of the plastic mark in the pattern, you need to replace it, after all, compared to thousands of pieces Car tires, life is more valuable.