Whether the brake pads are easy to use, the use of materials plays a decisive role


Brake pads play a vital role in a car. The car can be b […]

Brake pads play a vital role in a car. The car can be braked at any time while driving, so be careful when choosing a brake pad. The brake pads are good-looking and its material plays a decisive role.

The quality of brake pads of various brands is uneven, and it is easy to use and not easy to use. Let's take the rear brake of a fuel car and the drum brake as an example. Poor brake pads, after adjusting the normal brake stroke, gently step on it, grab the brake handle several times, feel the stroke is in the normal range, the brakes are also very good, but when you ride, when you use the foot to brake Already the end, and the braking distance is very long. In this case, the brake pads are too soft and the brake pads are not good. When you really need an emergency brake, you can't stop it. It is not recommended to use this type of brake pad, even if it is cheaper.

There is a kind of brake pad better than this, that is, the brake effect is really good, the brake is sensitive, the braking distance is also short, but the brake pad wears very fast, and a pair of brake pads may be used up to 6000 kilometers. The brakes are completely out of reach. At present, the fuel car of about 3,000 yuan is basically equipped with such a brake pad. This kind of car rides at a slightly faster speed, and it has to adjust the brakes in a week or so. Some cars need about 5,000 km or so to replace the brake pads. This brake pad is also not recommended for everyone. Three days and two days will go to the repair shop, you need to adjust the brakes, too much trouble.

Push a brake pad here: ceramic brake pads
1. The heat decay is small. In continuous braking, the temperature of up to 500 degrees is that the brake pads are not deformed or melted, and there is still excellent braking performance. It is manifested in a large braking torque and a short braking distance.

2. long lasting. It has an average service life of more than 50% than that of semi-metal brake pads.

3. The damage to the pair of parts is small. The brake pads have a long service life in the pair (brake disc) and are more than 20% longer than the semi-metal brake pads.

4. Low noise. In the wading state and the state of the salt water surface, there is no squeaking when braking, and the braking performance of the brake pad is good.