What is the possible cause of abnormal brakes


1. New car running-in: The new car or the brake disc th […]

1. New car running-in:
The new car or the brake disc that has just been changed will have a running-in period. During the running-in period, there will be some abnormal noise, which will be eliminated after running for several hundred kilometers.
2. Normal startup of the ABS system:
When the brakes are suddenly braked, there will be a continuous "beep" sound, and sometimes there will be a bullet. This means that the ABS system is activated, it is a normal sound. At this time, the brakes can be stepped on, but only A vehicle equipped with an ABS system.
3. The brake pads appear as hard metal points:
There are some tiny metal particles inside the brake pads. When you press the brakes, you will make a sharp and harsh sound. This problem can be used to step on the brakes or remove the brake pads and re-grind them. You can also replace the brake pads with a better one.
4. The brake pads are seriously worn and start to alarm:
Brake pads usually have alarm pieces. When the brake pads wear to the limit, the brake pads will have friction on the brake discs to produce sharp metal friction. In this case, the brake pads must be replaced in time to avoid scratching the brake discs and braking. Invalid.
5. Brake disc wear is serious:
The wear of the brake disc will form a deep groove in one turn of the disc, and the brake disc will rub against the edge of the groove to produce an abnormal sound. If the groove is not particularly deep, it can be solved by sanding the edge of the brake pad and avoiding the friction between the brake pad and the edge of the groove. If the groove is already deep, it is recommended to replace the brake disc. It is generally recommended to replace the brake disc with the brake pad twice.
6. Brake pad assembly problem:
Try to reinstall the brake pads and apply butter or special lubricant to the brake pads and brake calipers. It is also possible that the brake pads are reversed and reassembled. Especially for owners who have replaced brake pads on roadside stalls, they should pay more attention to this and so on.