What is the cause of the failure of the brake accessories?


The reasons for the failure of the lifting brake device […]

The reasons for the failure of the lifting brake device and the corresponding treatment methods are as follows:
1. The seal inside the large chuck is aging failure, decompose the large chuck, check whether the seal ring is broken, and the inversion is inelastic. If it is new, it should be replaced.
2. The brake pads in the large chuck are worn, the large chuck is disassembled, and the worn brake pads are replaced.
3. The left and right position of the large chuck on the cradle is improper, adjust its position, check whether there is brake action with an empty tube, if there is no brake action, continue to debug.
4. The intake pipe of the large chuck is detached or leaking, and the intake pipe is replaced.
5. The solenoid valve for supplying gas to the large chuck fails. You can hold the solenoid valve between the solenoid valve and the large clamp. Use the other hand to press the yellow button and pull it out. If the hand feels that the air pipe is airless, it means electromagnetic. The valve is invalid and should be replaced.
6. If the lifting time of the single spindle control board is set incorrectly, it will also cause the bobbin not to lift the brake or the lifting time of the lifting cylinder and the suction time of the large suction nozzle. In this case, the lifting cylinder after the single spindle can be fine-tuned with a flat-blade screwdriver. Brake time.