Precautions for replacing the brake pads yourself


First, the brake pad replacement standard If you hear a […]

First, the brake pad replacement standard

If you hear a screaming scream while braking, you must check the brake pads. If the thickness of the old piece is less than 3mm, less than one-third of the new piece, the thickness of the same brake pad is different, or the left and right brake pads are not equal, the new brake pad should be replaced.

Second, the tools needed to change the brake pads
Brake cylinder reset tool "Reset for brake cylinder piston"
One 15mm and 13mm wrenches are used for “removing the rear wheel brake cylinder fixing screws”
Large flat-blade screwdriver "used as a cooker"
7mm Allen key "for unloading front wheel brake cylinder fixed"
Third, change the front brake pads
To change the brake pads, the old brake pads must be removed. The brake cylinders must be removed. To remove the brake cylinders, the two setscrews must be unscrewed.

The hydraulic piston of the brake cylinder is normally in a protruding state. The experienced personnel will use a large screwdriver to insert the gap on both sides of the brake pad to move back and forth. The reset mode of the brake cylinder of the front wheel is generally straight-forward, and the cylinder piston can be reset by slamming back and forth.
The unloading screw has been unloaded. According to the principle of first going up and down when unloading, we first remove the screw on the surface, and there is a rubber cap outside the screw, which is directly smashed down with a flat-blade screwdriver.
First use a 7mm hex wrench to remove the fixing screws on the ground side, then use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry the rubber cap off the top screw; or use a 7mm hex wrench to remove the top side fixing screws.

Remove the old brake cylinder
First use the thumb to pry off one of the brake pads; another brake pad under the arm.

Sub-pump piston reset
I only know by hand, not to mention the hand, it is to use a screwdriver to the top, nor is the average person able to top.
撬 Just one word, reset is not a problem! However, this trick is only suitable for straight-in pistons. For the reset of the revolving brake cylinder piston of the rear wheel, this is not feasible.
Install new brake pads.........
Install the new brake pad on the brake cylinder, install the brake cylinder on the bracket of the brake cylinder, and screw the fixing screws of the brake cylinder and the brake cylinder bracket. The brake pads of the front wheel are replaced. The operation is replaced by another front wheel.