How to raise the brakes to the realm of instantaneous stop


In addition to replacing the carbon brake pads, the mos […]

In addition to replacing the carbon brake pads, the most effective way is to upgrade the entire brake system. Usually, people who like to play with a car will modify the rim. The 13 or 14-inch wheels of the original car will often be increased to 15 or 16 inches. We can increase the number of brake discs to 282mm at a time. The 15 or 16 inch rim will be enlarged to 17 or 18 inches, and the disc can be increased to 282mm or 328mm. Both brake discs are constructed with a ventilated heat sink and lined or scored. Punching, the purpose of this is to increase the torque generated by the brakes, and to enhance the effect of ventilation and heat dissipation. For example, in the same car, when you change the steering wheel of different sizes, the strength of the large-diameter steering wheel is much lighter than that of the small diameter, because the torque of the large steering wheel is large.

Correspondingly, the brake caliper is also changed from the original single-sided single piston to the opposite four-piston, and even the opposite six-piston (opposite four-piston and opposite six-piston refers to: the left and right sides of the brake caliper are provided with two Or three pistons), this multi-piston configuration will make the pressure generated by the calipers on the brakes evenly distributed on the left and right brake pads, and the braking force generated will be several times the original braking force. The configuration of the film can withstand the high temperature of 800 degrees or more, so that the heat exhaustion caused by the brake is almost non-existent (because the disk is equipped with the auxiliary heat dissipation design of the ventilation line, the material of the disk is also made of alloy steel or It is a tungsten steel with special treatment, high hardness and strong heat resistance).

Correspondingly, the brake oil pipe used in the brake kit is preferably replaced with a metal pipe that is resistant to high temperature expansion. (The original brake oil pipe is made of rubber and metal mesh, and the high temperature generated during braking causes the oil pipe to expand. It is necessary to offset the pressure applied to some of the brakes, so it is necessary to replace the metal tubing.

As for the material of the brake caliper, it is also very particular about it. Usually it is made of cast steel. Although it is safe and reliable, its shortcomings are obvious – it is extremely heavy. Therefore, the current higher-speed brake calipers use the same aluminum alloy forging material with the same safety and light weight, which makes the brake calipers lighter. Usually, the cost of modifying an enhanced version of the brake system is between RMB 14,000 and RMB 45,000. The huge difference is mainly due to brand differences, calipers and discs, and the materials used in the brake hose. The diameter of the brake disc and the number of pistons used in the brake calipers vary.

At present, internationally renowned brands include: AP in the UK, BREMBO in Italy, AMG in Germany, SPARCO in Italy, A&Z in Japan, and CSR in Taiwan (many well-known brands are produced by Taiwan OEMs). The market price of AMG is about ¥45,000, the price of AP is about ¥40000, the price of BREMBO is about ¥20000, and the price of CSR is about ¥16,000. (BREMBO and CSR have been introduced in China, BREMBO It is made of cast steel, and the CSR is made of lightweight aluminum forged material.

Although the brake system looks very simple, but the technical content is very high, the braking force, heat attenuation, thermal deformation of the brake disc, etc. are all counted by the big factory, and you only have a budget of 500 yuan. I suggest that you still do not change, this budget can only change the knockoff goods, the effect and reliability is not comparable to the original brake disc, the brake is the most critical part of a car, you can stand up and run. Inferior counterfeit goods will only bring hidden dangers to your safety.