Brake pad knowledge and precautions


1. Which nine technical indicators do the original brak […]

1. Which nine technical indicators do the original brake pads need to meet at the same time?
Answer: The friction coefficient should be stable, the service life should be long, the noise probability is low, the brake disc wear is small, the high temperature braking ability is stable, the thermal expansion is low, the compression ratio is qualified, the low ash is low, and the material is environmentally friendly.
2. Is the friction coefficient of the brake pad as large as possible?
A: No. The friction coefficient of the brake pad is designed according to the weight inertia of the car itself. It considers several technical indicators of speed, inertia, braking distance and comfort. The general coefficient of friction on the market is between 0.34 and 0.42. It is very simple to increase the friction coefficient, and it is enough to increase the grinding agent. The car factory's judgment on the quality of the brake pads is to see whether the friction coefficient is stable under various extreme road conditions such as watering, winding mountain roads and continuous sudden braking.
How many kinds of brake pads are available on the market? What are their characteristics?
A: The total is divided into three recipe systems. One is low-metal formula, high friction coefficient, short life, fast grinding disc, but the brake is super sensitive; one is the more common semi-metal formula, its versatility is strong, the friction coefficient is moderate, and the normal life can reach 30,000 to 70,000. Kilometers, less gray, and low wear on the disc. The other is ceramic formula, which is characterized by high temperature braking ability, continuous high-temperature conditions such as continuous emergency braking and downhill braking. The friction coefficient remains stable, and it does not fall into dust, long life, and almost wear on the disk. . Ceramic formulations have also become the mainstream of the late market development due to their environmental characteristics.
4. Which of the three formulas is good?
A: As far as the performance of the brake pad safety brake is concerned, the three formulas are all good formulas. Ceramics are superior to metals in terms of safety, social development, economy, and environmental protection.
6. How to identify these three formulas?
A: As the name suggests, semi-metal is about containing half of the metal fiber. The low metal contains less metal fibers and the structure is coarser. The ceramic formula is fine and the surface of the friction material has many fine cracks.