How to solve the abnormal sound of the brake disc


Analysis of the cause of abnormal noise during car stee […]

Analysis of the cause of abnormal noise during car steering and suggested solutions:
1. The friction steering wheel between the plastic parts is composed of various plastic parts. If the gap is too small when rotating, there will always be abnormal noise, especially for the new car. It will be fine for a while. If there is abnormal noise after running in, try to reload the steering wheel.
2, the friction between the steering column and the foot pad Sometimes the foot pad installed after the too large, direct contact with the steering column, so the steering column will produce friction when rotating, this is quite common, adjust or replace the foot pad Yes.
3, the airbag spring in the steering wheel failure to remove the steering wheel of the friend should pay attention to, it may be that the airbag hairline is broken or the airbag hairspring plug is not plugged in, replace the airbag hairspring or fixed plug.
4, the steering tie rod ball head aging, there is a change in the amount of steering tie rod ball head, but remember to do four wheel positioning after replacement.
5, the direction of the machine dust jacket leaking oil to replace the dust jacket or re-butter. But butter is just a stopgap measure.
6, the steering machine failure If the direction of the direction of the "squeaky" sound, it may be that the steering gear with the gear gap is too large, you can replace the steering machine.
7. When the plane bearing/top rubber fault hits the direction, the sound of “Tete” is heard. It is likely that the shock absorber top rubber or the flat bearing is faulty. Replace it.
8. Improper tightening of the power belt or aging for mechanical hydraulic power. If the belt is not tight or aging, there will be abnormal noise. Adjust or replace the belt.
9. The steering assist oil is too dirty. If the steering booster oil is too dirty, it will increase the pressure of the booster system. The booster pump will send a “squeaky” sound and replace the booster oil.